Berberoğlu Build

This story started in 1970 when one of the construction engineer and the other architect Berberoğlu brothers set out to give a modern silhouette to İzmir.

This story started in 1970 when one of the construction engineer and the other architect Berberoğlu brothers set out to give a modern silhouette to İzmir. These two young entrepreneurs, İrfan and Orhan Berberoğlu, who came from the same academic side as the business, his first projects were still alive with the xox apartment building in Karatas, which is still standing today. IZMIR, on its first visit, was confident in the ideas of 2 young dreamers.

Every win that they earn investing, studying nonstop, things that do not leave for a moment from the beginning of their construction Berberoğlu brothers, in 1971, on the Hatay Caddesi.

As the projects emerged, their names began to be heard. In front of the city the incoming families, the projects of these two young partners whom they he entrusted. Firstly, Alsancak met Berberoğlu branded modern apartments. After then, they built a Dülger apartments on the Karsiyaka coast. Dülger apartments decorated ceramic motifs and this apartments gained famous at that time.

Until 2000, projects with great acceleration. Berberoglu brand has proved that a city is not the contractors needed for development, but the trained contractors. In 2000, Pamuk Plaza, the modern business center of glass dressing, which used the city's first fore pile foundation system, started to rise at the most prestigious spot of Kordon. Pamuk Plaza, the first modern plaza of İzmir with double entrance, double elevator, high ceilings, wide frontage and breathing, quickly took its place among the unforgettable.

Over the years, housing, schools, factories and even the first modern shopping centers in four corners of Izmir began to rise with their signature. In time, they developed the notion that not only modern apartments but two floors villa living could also be in the city. In Sahilevleri, in Narlıdere, in the detached houses they built in Çeşme, nice lives joined together, dozens of baby eyes opened to the world, and peaceful lives began.

We said that some successes are not coincidences ...

Here is the story, a success story that is supreme, discipline and trust. 45 years ago, one of the younger generations of the Berberoglu Family, who started a large-scale project with 35 years of occupational and educational construction, started by a small dream of two young entrepreneurs, an architect and another engineer …

Berberoğlu Build
Corporate Blife Ataşehir

Entegre Build

Integrated Construction; It was founded by Alper Okay, who completed his master's degree in the same department of Boğaziçi University after his education in Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering Department and signed important projects in Turkey's biggest construction companies for many years.

Alper Okay, after his assignments in important contracting projects serving different sectors, has built an Integrated Construction with the aim of passing his life experiences in Izmir.

Areas of activity are priority; Alper Okay has gone through the years of experience and young dynamism in order to pass on the moment of innovation and high quality understanding in the sector as soon as the activities of project production in the Entegre Construction, which is defined as housing, business centers, industry and education buildings, continue at full speed. In this direction, it has signed a partnership to pass the "B-Life Ataşehir" project, which will bump the difference with the Berberoğlu Construction of İzmir's well-established companies.

Berberoğlu Build
Corporate Blife Ataşehir
Berberoğlu Build Berberoğlu Build
Corporate Blife Ataşehir

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